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Critical Appraisal and Reviews

Critical Appraisal 

CASP Tool Checklist- Provides lists for critical appraisal for different types of studies 

Literature Review 

Conducting literature a review- Provides lists of types of reviews and the process of conducting a review

Practical tips on conducting literature search

Systematic Review 

Cochrane interactive modules- for conducting systematic reviews

Cochrane handbook- guide for conducting systematic reviews

Conducting Trials

Clinical Trial Tool Kit

Clinical Trail Tool Kit- provides route map for conducting a clinical trial 

Patient and Public Involvement

PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) resources for applicants to NIHR research programmes

Free web resources

PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) NIHR research design service West Midlands.

Research design resources

PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) in health and social care research: A handbook for researchers

Link to the handbook

Educational Resources

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