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HEEADSSS Assessment on hospital admission
Bringing our HEEADSSS together - prioritising the voices of children and young people

Project Steering Group: Dr Alexandra Davison, Dr Anandi Singh, Dr Ashley Holt, Dr Chloe Batchford, Dr Helen McDermott, Dr Leah Simpson, Dr Lesley Peers, Dr Margaret Williams, Dr Pamela Dawson, Dr Shaheen Ghumra    

Consultant Supervision: Dr Stuart Hartshorn

Local Leads & Data Collectors: Dr Anandi Singh, Dr Ashley Holt, Miss Jayne Thompson, Dr Laura Kelly, Dr Lauren Brace, Dr Leah Simpson, Dr Margaret Williams, Dr Marwa Alkotamy, Dr Rachel O’Sullivan, Dr Shaheen Ghumra

Local Data Collectors: Dr Ahmed Abdella, Dr Alec Rapson, Dr Alexandra Davison, Dr Alexis Perry, Dr Alice Packham, Dr Chloe Batchford, Dr Joshua Meremikwu, Dr Kirsten Brown, Dr Kiran Raju, Dr Luke Hailston, Dr Marianne Yousif, Dr Mica Skilton, Dr Moataz Badawy, Dr Mofoluwake Faturoti, Dr Mohammed Haque, Dr Mushfiq Sahebzada, Dr Priscilla Wong, Dr Samuel Danaher, Dr Samuel Jack, Dr Teim Eyo, Dr Thomas Baird

Data Analysis: Dr Alexandra Davison, Dr Chloe Batchford, Dr Kiran Raju, Dr Helen McDermott

Local Consultant Support: Dr Stuart Hartshorn, Dr Pooja Siddhi, Dr Sofia Omar, Dr Tom Dawson, Dr S. Parepelli

Poster presentation at RCPCH Conference 2021

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