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Early Onset Neonatal Sepsis (KP-SRC) Impact of neonatal sepsis calculator in WM

Impact of neonatal sepsis calculator in West Midlands (UK)

Regional Project Leads: Dr T van Hasselt, Dr H McDermott

Manuscript contributors: Dr R Eltahir, Dr L Macaskill, Dr R Jain, Dr N McMullan, Dr S Slee, Dr M Jagga, Dr M Naseem, Dr O Alake, Dr C Cherry, Dr B Miguras

Supervising Consultants: Dr P Surana, Dr A Ewer

Local leads: Dr Hannah Vawda, Ms Sarah Kirk, Dr Moataz Badawy, Dr Pooja Siddhi.

Local data collection and analysis: Dr Sebastian Brown.

Local data collection: Dr Mshail Mahmoud, Dr Vishanna Balbirsingh, Dr Catherine Lomax, Dr Emmeline Parfitt-Roche, Dr Andrew Pearce, Dr Lindsay Mulligan, Dr Afza Sadiq.

Initial pilot work: Dr Sonia Goyal.

Local Consultant Leads: Dr Kate Palmer, Dr Chandan Gupta, Dr Mohammed Buhary, Dr Michael Plunkett, Dr Paul Watson, Dr Robert Negrine, Dr Penny Broggio, Dr Raghu Krishnamurthy, Dr Cathryn Seagrave.

Oral presentation at REaSoN meeting 2020 and EAPS 2020
Publication: Archives of Disease in Childhood - Fetal and Neonatal Edition

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