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Comment on ‘High rates of antibiotic prescriptions in children with COVID-19 or multisystem inflammatory syndrome: A multinational experience in 990 cases from Latin America

Project steering group: Dr P Siddhi, Dr K Shelly, Dr H Rizvi, Dr A Holt, Dr AK John, Dr H McDermott, Dr N Muhammed, Dr SB Welch

Local consultant supervisors: Dr P Siddhi, Dr J Rweyemamu, Dr K Davies, Dr S Nasir, Dr W Coles, Dr S Parepalli , Dr W Corroll, Dr W Sinwari  Dr N Makwana, Dr SB Welch

Local leads & data collection: Dr P Siddhi, Dr K Shelly, Dr H Rizvi, Dr A Holt, Dr A Banerjee, Dr E Seager, Dr L Mulligan, Dr R Horner, Dr P Bakshi, Dr M M Magwenzi, Dr A Pearce

Data collection: Dr H Vawda, Dr Dr N Muhammed, Dr T Y Kwan, Dr M Cant, Dr A Elzubair, Dr J Onubi, Dr B Oyelade, Dr Y Oumellil, Dr A Abdelbaky, Dr S Meenan, Miss J Pugh , Dr S Hine, Dr E Blamey, Dr R Pitt, Dr S Amanda, Dr Z Baccha

Data input: Dr S Harlalka, Dr N Zia, Dr A Pachala, Dr N Smith, Dr I Craner,  Dr M Cant

Presented as poster at ESPID (European Society of Paediatric Infectious Diseases) 2020
Published in Acta Paediatrica 2021

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