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Bronchiolitis: Oxygen Saturation thresholds

Oxygen Saturations thresholds in bronchiolitis: examining admissions

Regional leads: Dr Tim van Hasselt, Dr Bhavna Singham, Dr Amy Henderson

Local Project Leads:  Dr Bhavna Singham, Dr Andy Taylor, Dr Vic Parsonson, Dr Harriet Swallow, Dr Jo Nuthall, Dr Sonia Goyal, Dr Hannah Cooper, Dr Katy Francis, Dr Isobel Fullwood, Dr Liz Fairholme, Dr Prasadi Desilva, Dr Deevena Chinthala, Dr Kun Hu, Dr Fiona Halton, Dr Nabil Fassaludhin
Project Supervisors:  Dr Ian Wacogne, Dr Eve Bassett

Additional Statistics Reviews: Paul Davies

Oral Presentation at Midlands Regional Paediatric Society meeting (15th May 2019) won Best Presentation Prize
Published in Archives of Disease in Childhood

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