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Vitamin D supplementation in pre-school children: A Multi-Centre Survey



To identify current parental awareness and administration of Vitamin D supplements to their children.



Questionnaires were distributed to parents of children below 5 years of age in 8 hospitals in the West Midlands, at point of contact with Paediatric services. Information leaflets were offered to all parents who were approached.  



149 questionnaires were returned, of which 8 were over 5 years of age and therefore excluded from the data. 35 children were receiving a vitamin supplement (25%). 70% of all mums who responded took a vitamin supplement during pregnancy.  12 mums (8.5%) reported being Vitamin D deficient, with only 3 children of these mothers (25%) receiving Vitamin D supplements. 83 families had heard of the Healthy Start Programme, with 25 of these taking Vitamin supplements (30%).



This survey showed heterogeneity in regional practice within the West Midlands. There was a trend that hospitals with high Healthy Start awareness had better uptake of vitamin D supplements. There is an ongoing lack of parental awareness about the Healthy Start Programme which should be addressed, particularly in high risk populations.  


Regional Project Lead: Dr Joanna Nuthall


Local Project Leads:      Dr Minoth Kanagaratnam

                                           Dr Isabel Fullwood

                                           Dr Gerard Millen

                                           Dr Bhavna Singham

                                           Dr Shaheen Ghumra

                                           Dr Stuart Hartshorn

                                           Louise Rogers


Project Supervisors:     Dr Emma Webb

                                          Dr Jeremy Kirk



Presentation:                Presented as poster presentation at RCPCH Conference 2017


Link:                                 http://adc.bmj.com/content/102/Suppl_1/A68.2